The Most Beautiful & Romantic Wedding Venues in Santorini


Santorini is one of the most iconic Greek islands and it is rightfully considered one of the most famous destinations if you wish to get married in Greece. Santorini’s allure results from its volcanic nature that shaped its magnificent cliffs soaring above the azure Aegean Sea. Although, you have reached the decision that Santorini is the best place to tie the knot of eternal love and devotion, you can’t help but wonder which is the best wedding venue in Santorini, in order to have the ceremony and the reception of your dreams. In this article we have prepared for you a list with the most beautiful and romantic wedding venues in Santorini, in order to choose the perfect backdrop for the most important day of your life.

Hotels & Villas

Villa Bordeaux

Villa Bordeaux is a dreamy wedding venue located at Fira and nested on the prominent cliffs of Caldera, offering a breathtaking view of the Aegean. The villa was built in the 19th century and although it has been renovated, it preserves its original historic prestige. Villa Bordeaux, is an ideal venue for couples who seek an intimate wedding, as it has a hosting capacity of 70 guests for your big day. You can exchange your vows with your other half on the terrace of the villa having an imposing view of the volcano, serving as your backdrop. As for your reception menu, the villa’s main caterer, La Colline Restaurant, will offer you a great selection of gastronomical options ranging from fresh seafood creations to sweet delights!

Canaves Oia Hotels

If you are looking for a wedding venue that seems to have been out of a fairytale’s pages, then Canaves Oia Wedding venues will exceed your expectations. Canaves Oia hotels offer you a variety of wedding venues, ready to fulfill your individual needs. The beautiful balconies of the terrace of the hotel are designed to offer you and your guest the ultimate wedding experience, having a fascinating view of the famous Santorini volcano.

El Viento Villa

El Viento Villa is located on the imposing Caldera at Megalochori, the Villa is a century old windmill made of stone, which has recently been renovated, in order to offer you the wedding of your dreams. El Viento villa is the ideal Santorini wedding venue if you are into traditional and rustic aesthetics. Furthermore, it is very often chosen as a setting for elopement weddings, due to offering an idyllic and secluded environment. In this enchanting windmill, you will also find a honeymoon suite that will undoubtedly offer you unique memories as a couple.

Cavo Ventus Villa

Cavo Ventus Villa is located at the picturesque village of Akrotiri and it is considered to be among the most romantic wedding venues in Santorini. Cavo Ventus is an ideal example of the traditional Cycladic architecture as it is a renovated windmill. Although Cavo Ventus was built 200 years ago it is fully renovated offering all kinds of amenities to its guests. Thus, it is not only a perfect wedding venue, but also the perfect accommodation choice for your honeymoon!

Andromeda Villas

Located at the beautiful Settlement of Imerovigli, Andromeda Villas hotel is one of the most beautiful and luxurious settings, that you could choose as your wedding venue in Santorini. The ceremony venue is located at the terrace of this cozy hotel offering you a splendid view, as the hotel stands 300m above the level of the sea. Andromeda Hotel is a great wedding venue for micro weddings, providing also the potential to have a small wedding reception in a special cozy dining room.

Rocabella Resort

Rocabella Resort is also located at the settlement of Imerovigli and its name literally means “the beautiful rock”. This boutique hotel is considered to be one of the most popular options in Santorini for wedding events as it offers couples dreamy wedding venues of unspoken beauty, providing them with exceptional views of Santorini Volcano.

● Infinity Kiosk
On the highest spot of Roccabella, you will find the enchanting infinity kiosk. A beautifully designed deck with a magnificent view of the caldera gulf. Giving the impression that it is literally hanging off the cliff. At the infinity kiosk, the blues of the sky and the sea are merging together in a scenery of unparalleled beauty and serenity giving you the opportunity of a unique photographic background.

● Infinity Pool Venue
The infinity pool venue is an outdoor space located at the mid part of the hotel and is overlooking the volcanic caldera. There, the beauty of the traditional Cycladic architecture meets some of the most breathtaking views of Santorini. Providing you a serene, fairytale ambience for your big day, is an excellent choice for both intimate and grand events.

Santorini Gem

Santorini Gem is located at Pyrgos, one of the most picturesque settlements of Santorini and it ranks among the world’s greatest weddings for those who seek elegance and uniqueness for their wedding! Santorini Gem is a marvelous choice for hosting both intimate and large-scale weddings, as it offers a mesmerizing outdoor wedding venue and indoor auxiliary spaces, so that you can have the wedding of your dreams. Moreover, its private estate, having lush gardens of unparalleled beauty, is the perfect venue for a heavenly reception and fairytale wedding photos!

Regarding your wedding menu, Santorini Gem offers you a combination of exceptional taste and simplicity that will satisfy even the highest gastronomic expectations. The menu is influenced by the local Santorinian cuisine and it includes seasonal products. Thus, it is beyond any doubt that it will provide you with an unforgettable taste experience!

Exclusive Wedding Venues

Le Ciel

Le Ciel, located at the settlement of Imerovigli, offers not only a selection of both indoor and outdoor spaces meeting your needs for your wedding ceremony and your reception as well. it also provides you with a great variety of ambrosial menus, meticulously prepared in order to excite your guests.

Your wedding ceremony will take place on a terrace of breathtaking beauty with its gorgeous gazebo and pretty chairs, creating a decor of pure harmony. Furthermore, its imposing view of the caldera cliffs will leave you in awe, providing the perfect background for a fairytale wedding.

Your wedding reception can take place in an elegant glass fronted air conditioned indoor space, allowing you to enjoy the magnificent views whilst staying comfortable.

Beach Wedding Venues

East Breeze Venue & Restaurant

If you are a fan of the lux-bohemian style, then you should definitely consider East Breeze as your ideal wedding venue in Santorini. Exchange your eternal vows of love and commitment by the shore, while your guests are attending your union enjoying delicious cocktails and feel the nature and the sea embracing those unique moments of your life! Then, you can have a party with your loved ones or a romantic dinner by the waves in order to seal your wedding day with another great memory.

Laze cocktail bar

Another great wedding venue in Santorini if you wish to get married by the sea, is provided by the Laze cocktail bar. Laze bar venue is suitable for weddings of any scale as you can rent the entire property or your favorite spot for your wedding ceremony and reception. As for your wedding menu, Spicy Bites Catering will offer you a combination of style and culinary delight, suitable for celebrating the biggest day of your life!

Your wedding venue is one of the most important elements that you should consider in order to make the wedding of your dreams come true. Devoted to create for you the most unique and beautiful wedding experience, DW Events will guide you through the process of choosing the ideal Santorini wedding venue for you. Furthermore, in collaboration with the best wedding specialists, we will set up the perfect wedding setting for you, adjusting every small detail, in order to make your dreams come true!

Contact DW Events and let us guide you through every step of your wedding planning journey, in order to cherish this precious day for the rest of your life!