Why You Should Get an Elopement Wedding in Santorini

The concept of an elopement wedding might seem to be a perfect contradiction to you, as weddings are interwoven with the conducting of a large event, with a long guest list and a large amount of preparations! Well, that’s not always the case, as many couples want to experience their union in a more intimate way! This is exactly what an elopement wedding in Santorini is going to provide you with!

What is actually an elopement wedding?

Well, an elopement wedding is a wedding ceremony conducted without the knowledge of the couple’s friends, family and particularly their parents. The origins of the elopement wedding concept goes back to the 16th century when elopement was referred to getaways of passionate couples, who were running away from their families in order to avoid arranged marriages with others. The most famous example of eloping in the world, is that of Romeo and Juliet, a couple who fell in love despite the feuding of their families! This archetypal love that conquers all, was actually the most successful Shakespearean tragedy.

Today’s elopement weddings, of course do not require you to be a couple of tragic lovers running away from their family! Contemporary elopement weddings incorporate traditional and modern elements in order to create unique moments of intimacy for the couple! Typically, those who elope only have a brief ceremony and do not host a reception or celebration.


  • Intimacy & Privacy

The true meaning of a wedding ceremony is far more than the legal confirmation of your relationship! It’s about experiencing the unique bond between you two, that is going to last for the years to come. An elopement wedding experience will offer you the ultimate manifestation of the intimate nature of your union, as the most important thing that you should do is stare into each other’s eyes and isolate yourself from the rest of the world!

  • Unique Wedding Locations

Someone can conduct almost anywhere an elopement ceremony you can imagine from a forest to a beach, in that way you will be able to have the ideal backdrop for the ceremony and your wedding photos!

  • Save Yourself from the Wedding Drama

Organizing the perfect large-scale wedding, might be the source of extreme stress as you may feel bound to fulfill conservative wedding expectations such as inviting people that you don’t feel that close to!

  • Free of Covid Limitations

The pandemic of COVID-19 has caused many wedding limitations that are rapidly changing because of the course of the virus! Save yourself from constantly adjusting your guest list and your wedding preparations by simply getting eloped!

  • Lower Wedding Cost

The wedding cost of an elopement may vary depending on factors such as your aesthetic options, your chosen vendor and whether you decide to organize extra events such as a reception! Despite that, they are in a much lower price range than big-scale weddings with a long guest list!


  • Authenticity & Unique style

If you decide to have an elopement wedding, you will only have to think about your own wishes and not about what anyone else thinks or says! In that way ,your wedding day will be shaped only by your personal taste! After all, your wedding is about you and only you!


  • Wonderful Wedding Photos

If you decide to be eloped, you will definitely be the focus of your photographer! Your wedding photos will help you cherish the moments of your union, with no distractions as you will be the main theme of every photo!

Why do you need a wedding planner for your elopement

If you’re opting for an elopement wedding, where there is going to be just the two of you, you might find yourself feeling a bit lonely and overwhelmed during your planning journey. Your wedding planner is the person that you can trust to keep track of everything, in order to have the wedding of your dreams.

The role of your wedding planner is not only to help you with the legal aspect of your wedding, gathering all the required documents for your ceremony, but mostly to embody your vision of a perfect elopement! A skillful wedding planner is able to epitomize your wishes in order to create a highly customized aesthetic approach that will leave you mesmerized. After all, your wedding is an event of profound emotional significance for you, thus your elopement ceremony must be an one of a kind experience only for you!

Why you should Get eloped in Santorini

For many Santorini is considered to be the island of love, due to many couples choosing it, as their wedding destination! The beauty and the versatility of Santorini’s landscapes are making it the perfect place to have your elopement as there is no doubt that you will find what you’re wishing for your ideal wedding and photography backdrop! 

Some of the most beautiful views that Santorini offers is that of the imposing Caldera! The vastness emitted from this magnificent scenery harmonizes perfectly the endless devotion of a loving couple! Furthermore, Santorini has one of the most beautiful sunsets around the world. So, there is nothing more romantic for your elopement wedding in Santorini, from the warm light of the setting sun caressing your faces, as you seal your eternal union!

The best elopement venues in Santorini

The best elopement venues in Santorini

As it was stated before, you can choose almost any location for your elopement in the island of Santorini, as you are not bound by factors such as the hosting capacity of a venue. Nevertheless, we are going to recommend to you some of the most romantic elopement vendors in Santorini!

  • El Viento Villa

El Viento Villa is located on the side of the beautiful settlement of Megalochori and offers a stunning panoramic perspective of the island. The Villa is a century-old windmill made of stone and a great example of Cycladic architectural style! Although the building has been recently renovated, it still retains its traditional aura, making it the perfect elopement venue for those who want their wedding memories to interweave with the picturesque beauty of Santorini!

  • Canaves Hotel

Canaves hotel, located at the magnificent Oia, provides you with high-quality services, creating for you a one of a kind elopement experience! Tie the knot in a setting of unequaled serenity and beauty and start your life together creating memories of the azure Santorinian sea that you will cherish forever!

  • Skaros Rock

Skaros Rock is an imposing geological formation at the edge of the village, Imerovigli and is the perfect elopement setting in Santorini, as it combines romance with raw beauty. There you can either get married at an abandoned church with the impressive cliff of Skaros Rock serving as your dramatic backdrop, or you can exchange your vows on the Rock itself, giving yourself the opportunity to admire extraordinary views of Santorini.

An elopement wedding in Santorini is a unique experience that will make even stronger the bond of love between you! DW Events are devoted to provide you with wedding planning services of supreme quality, in order to have the elopement of your dreams!