Fairytale Lebanese Wedding in Santorini


It is said that Santorini, Greece is one of those magical destinations that awakens the most beautiful fillings to everyone who chooses to visit it! That’s why todays wonderful couple Rahaf and Brian, chose it as their ideal destination to bind their love through a perfectly designed Lebanese wedding in Santorini that reflected both their taste, but also their Syrian culture and heritage!

Our lovely couple trusted us in order to plan and design their dream Lebanese wedding in Santorini, after it was postponed due to Covid-19 and we did our best in order to create the perfect bespoke event to celebrate their love! Thank you Rahaf and Brian for letting us be a part of this beautiful journey of pure love and commitment!

Lebanese and Syrian traditional Weddings

In the most recent years, couples from western countries have modernized the concept of wedding putting emphasis on the luxurious and stylish aspect of their weddings rather on the traditional and spiritual side of them! However, in this beautifully organized and designed wedding event we made the dreams of our beautiful couple Rahaf and Brian true merging both traditional and modern influences, into a combination that embodied their deepest desires and their wildest expectations!

Middle-eastern weddings are known for their nostalgic charm and for incorporating glamour and luxury to traditional and meaningful ceremonies! This has its roots to the general approach that Syrian and Lebanese culture has to festivals and celebrations.

For them a wedding is not just an affair between the couple, but is also a collective social experience that brings family and friends together in a festive atmosphere with delicious food, lavish decors and beautiful musical tunes!
In middle-eastern countries like Lebanon and Syria, marriage is a secret bond that also has a fundamental value for the structure of the society! In short, it would be accurate to say that pairs are made in heaven, but are celebrated on earth through glamorous Lebanese weddings!

Rahaf and Brian: A love that conquers all!

Rahaf, our beautiful bride, and Brian our lovely groom, were determined to have their fairytale wedding despite the problems that occurred because of the pandemic! Their passion and devotion to each other inspired us to create this unique event for them incorporating their cultural heritage to a wedding ceremony that would also fit perfectly with their individual taste! How did we accomplished that?

Well, the first step was to have a deep and thorough conversation with the couple, in order to decide the ideal theme for their wedding in Santorini! Then, we put our ideas on the canvas in order to create a modern and luxurious event infused with the charming and warm flair of a traditional Lebanese wedding!

A Lebanese Dream in Santorini: Wedding & Reception!

This stunning event took place in the stylish and romantic venue of El Viento! The impressive wedding altar with the mirrors offered the event a glamorous vibe which created a charming juxtaposition with more conventionally romantic elements, such as the wedding florals which symbolize the purity of the marital union!

The tradition played also a major role to this wedding design! Traditional elements are reflected on the bridal look! The lace details on the wedding dress are absolutely stunning, while the stylistic element that steals the show is actually the wedding Tiara! Tiaras have a century-old tradition, symbolizing the end of the maidenhood of a woman and her crowning with love!

A dreamy Lebanese wedding Design in Santorini!

When looking at the photos of this stylish and impressive wedding table we can’t help but reflect on the warm and cozy feelings we had through the wedding reception! The pastel color pallet of the tableware was complimented in the most romantic way by the shimmering light of the candlelight, reflecting on the impressive wedding table! Last but not least the flower arches along with the crystal chandeliers gave this romantic Lebanese wedding in Santorini, a celestial touch framing in the most flattering way the outdoor space of El Viento Venue!

For DW Events true romance is the biggest source of inspiration and what drives us to create both stylish and meaningful weddings in Santorini! Once again thank you Rahaf and Brian for letting us be the creators and coordinators of those cherishable moments!

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