How to plan your wedding in Santorini: A complete Guide!

How to plan your wedding in Santorini-DW Events

You have decided that you want to get married! You have also decided that you want your wedding to take place in Santorini! And now what? Well, we suppose that your initial thought was googling “How to plan my wedding in Santorini” and that is completely normal!  However, you might found yourself a little bit lost in the vast amount of information that you found on the internet. Furthermore, some of them might be contradictory to other making you even more confused!

That is why DW Events, an experienced wedding planner located on Santorini, has created for you a detailed guide about how to plan your wedding in this beautiful Aegean island! Our team has prepared for you a list with the most essential steps in planning your wedding in Santorini, so pick up your pen and start taking notes!

Envision your Wedding and think about the bigger picture!

Let’s start with the fundamentals! Your Santorini wedding should be all about you and your significant other! This means that its aesthetic approach should reflect your personal taste and your expectations about your big day! It’s important to not let your friends and family puppeteer you in to what they think a perfect wedding should be like! Instead, include your partner in the wedding planning decisions and find a common ground about the style of your Santorini wedding!

Of course, your wedding does not need to bind into one specific style! Instead, you can mix two different styles to match both of your tastes. For example, if you are more into bohemian vibes, but your partner loves timeless and classic aesthetics, you could plan a boho chic wedding, which would incorporate both careless, boho elements, but also classic finesse!

Find your Santorini wedding planner & your wedding vendors

In order to plan your wedding in Santorini, you will definitely need the guidance of an experienced wedding planner that will help you not only with the stylistic aspect of your wedding but also with the necessary legalities. For your wedding in Santorini you should definitely hire a local wedding planner, as they are experienced with organizing weddings on the island and they will be able to make all the necessary arrangements faster and far easier! Your Santorini wedding planner is the person that will help you find all the other necessary vendors on the island in order to have the big day of your dreams!

You see, an experienced wedding planner is in touch with a whole network of wedding professionals that will take care different aspects of your wedding! Some of them is your wedding photographer, your make-up artist, your hairdresser, your florist etc. Upon selecting your planner, you need to have a detailed discussion with them, communicating your dreams and expectations in order to fulfill them!

Set your budget & think about your priorities

Once you and your wedding planner are on the exact same page about what would be your perfect Santorini wedding like, you need to set up a budget in order to create it! When setting up a budget for your wedding, the most important thing to do, is to decide which things about it matter the most to you and invest on them! 

For example, you may want to spoil your guests with your wedding menu or impress everybody with your wedding dress! In any case, you need to make your bookings early, in order to have the chance to achieve better deals but also be able to have a thorough image about the actual cost of your wedding!

Book your Santorini wedding venue

Your venue is one of the most important factors in order to create your ideal wedding in Santorini! You see, it will affect the practical but also the stylistic aspect of your wedding! Before choosing your wedding venue in Santorini you must take in to consideration the number of your guests! Another thing that you should consider before choosing your venue is to find one that will match the stylistic approach of the event!

Your venue is actually the canvas of your wedding planner on which they will create your dream decoration! In Santorini you will find plenty of venues suitable for small or large-scale events! However, you should keep in mind that Santorini is one of the most famous wedding destinations in the world, so you need to book early on the venue of your choice, if you want to marry on a specific date!

Let us guide through the Planning of your perfect Santorini Wedding!

DW Events is a wedding planning agency operating in Santorini and is dedicated to offer you the most beautiful wedding experiences! Get in touch with us in order to guide you through your wedding planning journey!