Luxurious wedding in Santorini: A story of elegance & beauty!


Your wedding day in Santorini is going to be one of the most momentous occasions in your life! What a better way to remember it than organizing the perfect luxurious wedding in Santorini! For DW Events, luxury is so much more than creating an extravagant decoration or choosing impressive florals! For us, luxury is a term interwoven with elegance and harmony! Luxury is an essence that should be conveyed from every aspect of your wedding, giving you and your guests the chance to experience the greatness of your love through elegant and unique aesthetic elements!

You may wonder about how to organize the perfect luxurious wedding for you in order to combine those wonderful elegant vibes with the bespoke wedding planning approach that you are looking for! Once again, we are here for you to guide you through the most important steps in order to organize the most amazing Santorini Wedding!

Choose an impressive wedding venue

Selecting the right venue for your luxurious wedding is a vital choice for planning the event of your dreams! You see, a wedding venue serves actually as a canvas for your wedding planner, in order to create the wedding of your dreams. In other words the wedding venue is a prevalent aesthetic element that sets the tone for your wedding decoration! A luxurious wedding venue should combine prestige and elegance and, of course, harmonize with your personal taste! Choosing to get married in Santorini gives you, for sure, the opportunity to choose among many luxurious wedding venues, which not only have an amazingly beautiful interior and exterior design but also offer breath-taking views of the island!

Here are some of the most luxurious wedding venues in Santorini!

Ambassador Wedding Venue

 The Ambassador Wedding Venue is an amazing sanctuary of love located near the famous sight of Akrotiri! Extending in an area of 700 square meters, is an outdoor paradise with an amazing view to the Aegean Sea that has a hosting capacity of 100 guests!

Roccabella Wedding Venue

Roccabella wedding Venue is located on the picturesque settlement of Imerovigli, offering a stunning view of the volcanic Caldera! Its amazing location in combination with its luxurious design elements, such as the amazing infinity pool and the infinity kiosk, make it the perfect setting for a luxurious event that will be imprinted in your heart and mind forever!

Gem Wedding Venue

Gem is one of the most impressive wedding venues in Santorini and is located on the settlement of Pyrgos! Providing you with a large estate with lush greenery and also with auxiliary indoor spaces, is the ideal option for a luxurious large-scale wedding!

create a luxurious wedding decoration

Wedding decoration is also another really important aspect of a perfectly organized luxurious wedding! As it was stated before, your chosen venue is what will set the tone for your big day! However, elevating it to a luxurious experience that will be out of the ordinary, is all about taking care of the details! Impressive crystal chandeliers are some of the most common stylistic elements, used in a luxurious wedding in order to highlight the class of the event! Furthermore, creative and impressive flower arrangements are the embodiment of class and romance that fit perfectly with the festive atmosphere of a wedding!

Another thing that you should also pay great attention to, is the table decoration on your reception! If you want to mix your luxury wedding with another wedding style such as boho, you can incorporate it through the design of your cutleries, plates and vases. If you are opting for a pure classic and luxurious style, you can choose elegantly designed crystal flutes and porcelain plates!

Consider your wedding invitations

Choosing carefully your stationary is another milestone in your wedding planning journey! Your wedding invitations are not only the prelude of your big day but also a material memento of it, for you and your guests! That means that it should signify the true essence of your wedding and be in perfect harmony and coordination with your wedding style. For your ideal luxurious wedding invitations, you should really pay attention to the paper that it will be made of! You should also consider the texture of the paper!

Another really important thing that you should think of, is the font that you are going to choose for your wedding invitation! If you are into a formal and classy style, we would recommend you to consider a font from the Serif family which has strong and strict lines! If you want your invitations to have a more romantic vibe to them, we recommend you to consider more playful fonts such as Geraldine with impressive floral elements!

Reading this article, we hope ‌you got some pretty useful insights about organizing your dream luxurious wedding in Santorini! DW Events is dedicated to offer you high-quality wedding planning services in order to create for you the most meaningful and luxurious events!