Top 3 places for a destination wedding in Greece!

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A destination wedding in Greece is the way you have always dreamt of to seal your love. Despite its small size, Greece is a country with many wonderful destinations that offer you countless options for your wedding. Deciding among hundreds of enchanting locations might be a bit overwhelming for you, as you may feel that you can’t be sure which of these options will fully cover your needs and offer you the one in a lifetime event that you dream of. Having years of experience in the field of wedding planning, we prepared this article in order to help you narrow things down and discover which is the best destination for your wedding in Greece according to your personal taste and needs.

Santorini Wedding

Santorini is the most popular and maybe the most enchanting place in Greece to have a destination wedding. Its huge appeal to people all over the world, who want to tie the knot, is the result of many things that you can find only in Santorini. To start with, Santorini is where settles one of the greatest volcanoes on earth. The Eruptions of Santorini volcano have carved the amazing shape of Santorini. With the amazing view of the imposing Caldera being one of the most popular backdrops for destination weddings all over the world.

Of course the beauties of Santorini do not end with its amazing volcano. Santorini is also known for its romantic landscapes and colorful sunsets. That is why many couples that get married in Santorini, also choose to spend their honeymoon there. Due to its long tradition in hosting weddings, Santorini offers a wide range of wedding planning services that can meet every need and many romantic wedding venues, as well.

Santorini Wedding Venues

In Santorini you can find the ideal wedding venue for you and make your every dream come true. From luxurious hotels like Ciel to picturesque settlements like Villa Bordeaux, Santorini offers a vast selection when it comes to wedding venues of any style and capacity!

Discover the Best Santorini Wedding Venues Here!

Things to know before booking your wedding in Santorini

Planning a wedding in Santorini can be a wonderful journey. However, the vast variety of choices might overwhelm you and lead you to feel a bit confused about the right steps in order to create the flawless event of your dreams. That is why an experienced wedding planner is the key for a perfectly organized and executed wedding in Santorini.

Having your wedding in Mykonos would be an amazing cosmopolitan experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Its golden sand beaches, its beautiful Cycladic landscapes in combination with its luxurious hotels and entertainment options, make Mykonos an  ideal destination!

Especially, if you want  it to be an amazing party that will offer you and your guest incredible moments of unspoken happiness and true luxury.

Mykonos Wedding

Mykonos wedding Venues

As Mykonos  is one of the most popular islands for a destination wedding in Greece,  it offers many amazing venues in order to host the event of your dreams.If you are looking to incorporate some carefree boho vibes in your wedding ceremony, we recommend you to get married on the beach.

You can choose among many beach bars which offer high-quality wedding hosting services. The most popular among them is Principote, a beach bar of high-aesthetics, nested in Panormos beach offering an enchanting view of North Mykonos, and the beach bar Scorpios Mykonos, A wonderful place with an impressive design inspired by Ancient Greece

If you are looking for a more classic and radiant event for your wedding in Mykonos, the ideal venue for you, would be one of the luxurious villas on the island. Cavo Dante would be definitely an amazing choice for an unforgettable event.It has a hosting capacity of 120 people and is a majestic estate with many indoor and outdoor spaces, situated between the beaches of Agrari and Super Paradise. Another option that you should definitely consider is Royal Mykonian, a luxury hotel which incorporates traditional Cycladic elements in its architectural design.

Things to know before booking your wedding in mYKONOS

Mykonos is an amazing cosmopolitan Greek destination that attracts even celebrities of  a world-wide class. That means that the cost of a wedding there can be at a really high price range. An other thing that you should take into consideration if you value secluded destinations, is that Mykonos is usually full with tourists throughout the whole summer season.

Ios Wedding

Settling on the center of Cyclades between the islands of Mykonos and Santorini you will find the enchanting Ios. In this small paradise on earth you will find idyllic natural landscapes and small picturesque bays that will make the perfect backdrop for a wedding event that it will be full of beauty and romance.

Ios is the perfect wedding destination for those who dream of a romantic wedding in a picturesque Cycladic setting infused with some unique boho vibes. You see, walking on the cobbled streets of the island you will have the chance to admire the traditional architecture of the island in combination with the various bars and restaurants that can offer you the most romantic dinner of your life.

Ios wedding Venues

In Ios you will find some of the most beautiful wedding venues of the Aegean Sea. If you dream of a bohemian wedding in Ios, then Ios Club is the perfect wedding venue for you. This amazing cocktail bar is situated across Ios Chora and has a long history behind it, as it operates for more than 50 years.  Ios Club is well known for its breathtaking sunset view, its amazing menu and its boho-chic decoration, which is a perfect backdrop for a wedding with some hippie influences. If you are looking for a wedding venue that will make you and your guests indulge in luxury, then Cycladic Gem Luxury Villa is the perfect choice for you! The villa combines modern architecture with traditional elements, such as carved rock and also a plethora of amenities that will steal your breath away, such as an infinity pool and a Jacuzzi.

Things to know before booking your wedding in Ios

Ios is a dreamy wedding destination for those who seek a fairytale wedding experience infused with boho vibes. Yet, it might not offer you the variety of options, that more cosmopolitan islands such as Santorini and Mykonos, could!

We hope that this article offers you helpful guidelines in order to decide which would be the ideal place for your destination wedding in Greece. DW Events is a wedding planning agency located in Santorini, always dedicated to help you in creating your dream wedding!