Santorini Micro Wedding: An Affair of Intimacy and Love!


What is a micro wedding?

We know that the term micro wedding may sound a little confusing to you! Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with Microbiology or Microphysics! In fact, micro weddings in Santorini, but also all over the world, are a quite common wedding trend and as the term suggests, they are small-scale weddings, usually having a guest list up to 10 persons, including the couple’s family and friends. In a few words, micro weddings are intimate affairs that put emphasis more on the true essence of the wedding experience for the couple and its guests as well.

In this article, we are going to drive you through all the aspects of a micro wedding experience and we are also going to give you some pretty useful insights about a perfect micro wedding in Santorini!

Although micro weddings were always on the frame as a wedding planning option, in recent years, have gained a dramatic increase in popularity! One reason behind this increase, is the pandemic of COVID-19, as big scale events were postponed all over the world, because of the protection measures taken against the virus.

Apart from that, a micro wedding does not fall short on anything compared to a big wedding. On the contrary, a micro wedding may have many advantages for those who value intimacy and pure emotion over festive big-scale events.

Pros of a micro wedding

● Investing your budget to what matters most to you

A shorter guest list will give you the chance to optimize your wedding cost and spend a significantly lower amount of money, as you will not have to worry about the transportation and the accommodation of a load of people, nor will you have to host a big reception. So, a micro wedding is a great option if you run on a limited budget.

Moreover, choosing a micro wedding allows you the possibility to make room for other expenses that may be more significant to you, such as your wedding dress or your wedding decoration and styling!

● Having a personalized wedding experience

Having a micro wedding will help you experience the biggest day of your life the way you have dreamed of, as you will have the chance to make all your wishes come true, because of the small size of the event! Conventional weddings sometimes tend to be stereotypical as they are supposed to meet the needs and tastes of many individuals!

If you choose to have a micro wedding, you will only need to think about your wishes and those of your few attendants. That means that you can spoil them, giving them personalized invitations and indulge in every small detail that matters to each and one of them! 

● Flexible wedding planning

A micro wedding is substantially easier to plan, as you can arrange many of the procedures considering your wedding, such as the sitting of your guest or your reception menu, much easier and more efficiently. Your wedding planning journey does not have to be an emotional rollercoaster, as you will not be bound by the strict time schedule that needs to be followed on a big wedding. 

Furthermore, you can choose your wedding venue just thinking of what you would like to be your perfect backdrop for your big day and not its hosting capacity

● Delving to the true meaning of a wedding

Last but not least, a wedding is a great opportunity to experience the true meaning of your secret union, feeling not only the love that there is between you and your other half, but also the love that comes out from the people that matters to you the most and that you have chosen to be with you this special moment!

After all, a wedding is supposed to be a celebration of love and not a bunch of formalities that will only fill you with stress and anxiety!

Why is Santorini the ideal micro wedding destination?

As it was stated before, a micro wedding is all about intimacy, pure emotion and personalization. So, it is only natural that Santorini is considered to be among the top micro-wedding destinations all over the world. On this majestic island, you will find a great diversity of landscapes that can serve as your photography backdrop. Furthermore, there is a wide range of exceptional wedding venues that can serve as the perfect setting for a micro-wedding such as Villa Bordeaux, El Viento Villa, or Canaves Oia Hotel.

Furthermore,  Santorini not only is the perfect wedding destination, but is also the ideal place to spend your honeymoon, as it has a great selection of entertainment options, along with many cultural and archeological sites. This will also give the chance to your guests to have a great time, not only at your wedding but also before and after that.

It is true that planning a small wedding can be less time-consuming than planning a big one! This, of course, does not mean that it is an easy task! Planning a micro wedding needs to be a careful and meticulous procedure. As the high-level of personalization is achieved through paying attention to every minor detail.  

Your wedding planner is the person that will help you coordinate all the vital elements of your wedding, in order to create the ideal aesthetic outcome for you! Furthermore, it is the one that will help you handle your wedding budget the best possible way, in order to spend your money on the things that you want to focus on! Last but not least, a wedding planner will guide you through all the legal requirements needed for your micro wedding in Santorini, saving you from all the stress that a wedding in a foreign country may cause you!

Why Do you need a wedding planner for your Santorini micro wedding?

DW Events have all the needed experience and expertise inquired to create the perfect micro wedding in Santorini! Contact us and let us be your guide through your wedding planning experience and be a part of your dream coming true!