Santorini Sunset Wedding: The ultimate experience of love!

Santorini Sunset Wedding-DW Events

There is no doubt that Santorini sunset is one of the most majestic things that you will ever see! That is the reason many couples who have chosen to get married on the island, are dreaming of a romantic sunset ceremony! In this article we are going to guide you through every step of a sunset wedding in Santorini that will perfectly suit your needs and your dreams!


The unique crescent shape of Santorini, the volcanic cliffs of the caldera with the whitewashed Cycladic houses on them and of course the azure Aegean Sea, create the most amazing canvas for the sun to shed its last light for the day! That is why Santorini sunset is one of the most famous attractions of the island and one of the most photographed landscapes in the world! The most famous place to watch the Sunset in Santorini is Oia, although there are also many other spots that offer a fantastic sunset view and a magical backdrop for the most romantic event of your life, which is no other than your wedding.

The best venues for a Santorini sunset wedding

There is no question that the timing of your special event is of great importance, but so is the place! Organizing your sunset wedding in Santorini, you should definitely choose a wedding venue that will highlight the romantic vibes of the event and while offering you a stunning view of the sunset! Here are some of the best venues in Santorini for your sunset wedding!

Santorini Gem

Santorini Gem is an amazing estate on the picturesque settlement of Pyrgos, overlooking the imposing caldera cliffs. On the venue you will find a luxurious villa that offers the most elegant indoor spaces. On top of that, there are lush green gardens surrounding it, creating a fairytale setting in combination with the warm, colorful light of the sunset. Gem is ideal for hosting large or small-scale events having a hosting capacity of 150 guests!

Venetsanos Winery

Venetsanos winery is one of the most beautiful venues for your Santorini sunset wedding, if you are opting for some traditional vibes to it! Venetsanos winery is located on the beautiful settlement of Megalochori and its multi-leveled architectural design, will offer you a great variety of sunset views for your wedding. Furthermore, its stone-built walls will perfectly harmonize with the colorful light of Santorini sunset. Last but not least its large outdoor dining area make it the ideal place if you want to organize a big reception after the ceremony!

Villa Bordeaux

Villa Bordeaux is one of the most romantic and loving venues to celebrate your love during the magical hour of sunset through a meaningful wedding ceremony. It is located in one of the most prominent locations of Santorini, in the center of Fira. Villa Bordeaux is a recently renovated neoclassical building painted predominantly in the tones of beige and pink. This makes it a perfect fit for a sunset wedding in Santorini!

Tips for your Sunset wedding in Santorini

Tip 1: Pay attention to timing

The magical hour of the sunset is a really small window in time! The average duration of a sunset in Greece is about 30 minutes during summer that means you need to plan to exchange your vows during that time. For more accuracy, it would be better to know the exact time of sunset at your wedding day!

Tip 2: Use ambience lights

Adding ambient lighting such as fairy lights, chandeliers and candles will for sure enhance your romantic decor, but it will also serve a practical purpose adding some needed light on the event, as after the sun sets, it will get fairly dark pretty soon!

Tip 3: Hire an experienced wedding photographer

As it was stated before the sunset is a rather small period, during which you photographer must immortalize your most cherished moments, using their photographic lenses. This means that there is no room for mistakes! Your photographer must be rather experienced and have the needed low-light equipment in order to capture your happiness embraced by the magic of Santorini Sunset!

There is nothing more beautiful than Santorini sunset highlighting your wedding event and nothing more elegant than planning it with DW Events by your side! Get in touch with us in order to create the tailor-made wedding event you dream of!