Santorini Themed Weddings: The perfect way to narrate a love story!


If you have decided to tie the knot in Santorini, it’s beyond any doubt that you opt for a magical destination wedding, providing you with beautiful memories that you will cherish forever! But is that enough? Well, your wedding is not only about having a great time and making your bond official. Your wedding is about creating a symbolic narration of your journey together as a couple! An essential factor to achieve the perfect storytelling for your big day is actually your wedding theme!

What is a wedding theme?

A wedding theme is actually the aesthetic approach of a wedding and it is the first step for the personalisation of it! We understand that choosing your wedding theme is quite overwhelming, as the differences among all the different wedding styles might seem obscure for a non wedding expert!

Before you start stressing out, let us give you some pretty useful insights about the aspects of a themed wedding, along with the top stylistic approaches for a unique Santorini themed wedding!

● According to your own personal taste

As it was stated before, your wedding day is about telling your story as a couple and the only way to tell a great story is by being unique and authentic! So, there is no need to feel bound or restricted by very specific stylistic approaches! 

The best way to think of your wedding theme is as a source of inspiration, in order to achieve a gorgeous and harmonic stylistic outcome! Furthermore, you can always combine elements of different themes in order to have your wedding exactly as you dreamed of!

How to choose the theme of your wedding?

● According to your wedding date

Your Wedding date is actually one of the key factors that should influence the theme of your Santorini Wedding! You see, before you make important decisions such as if you want to have your wedding indoors or outdoors or choose your wedding decoration, you need to take into account  the weather conditions at that specific time of the year.

Moreover, your wedding date may also influence your stylistic and decorative decisions! For example, if you decide to get married in Santorini in Spring, maybe it’s better to get inspired from floral decorations. On the other hand, if you decide to get married in July, you may prefer some summerish decorative elements!

● According to your budget

There is no doubt that you and your wedding planner can work together in order to find personalized solutions, adjusting to your individual budget! That, of course, does not mean that there are no cost differences between the various wedding conventions associated with specific themes!

What are the top themes for a Santorini Wedding?

Elegant & Classic Wedding

If you value timelessness over modern trends, then an elegant and classic themed Santorini Wedding would be the ideal choice for you! A classic wedding doesn’t have to be by no means austere! On the contrary, choosing to have an elegant and classic wedding, will give you the chance to have a great variety of options considering every element of your wedding! That includes your wedding invitations, your wedding gown, your decoration, even your music choices! At last, a classic and elegant Santorini wedding is not only a timeless theme but is also easily relatable, so it is beyond any doubt that everyone is going to absolutely love your weddin

Bohemian Wedding

Originally, the term “bohemian” was referred to the outcasts and the poor artists, who wandered in the streets of Paris, France. Over the years, the meaning of the word bohemian has somewhat changed! Nowadays, bohemian or boho is an epithet defining those who live a free-spirited life, not bound by society norms or conventions! When it comes to a Santorini bohemian theme wedding, you have to keep in mind that boho is not only about your wedding decoration or your wedding clothes. Boho is a philosophy that needs to be communicated through every element of your wedding, in order to get those unique rustic vibes that you long for your big day!

Popular approaches for a perfect boho wedding include earth colors, as the bohemian lifestyle celebrates the strong bond between humans and mother earth! So a great idea would be to use dried flowers and pampas grass as a central element of your wedding decoration! Moreover, we recommend you to choose a rustic wedding venue in order to create the perfect naturalistic aesthetics!

Romantic Wedding

If you want to create a fairytale atmosphere for your wedding and celebrate love to its purest form, then a romantic themed wedding on the island of Santorini is the ideal choice for you! The most preferred color schemes for a romantic wedding include soft hues of pink and beige! 

Furthermore, flowers should also be an essential stylistic element as they represent beauty and purity! For your themed wedding in Santorini, we also definitely recommend you to use fairylights, as they will enhance the dreamy and delicate atmosphere of your wedding, sparkling around your decoration and creating the perfect romantic harmony!

Last but not least, consider using linens such as tulle and organza, which will help you blend some old-school romance vibes to your wedding!

Beach Wedding

Speaking of Santorini themed weddings, it would be impossible not to mention maybe the most popular theme, for those who decide to get married on an island, which is no other than a beach wedding! After all, there is nothing more genuine than getting married by the sea, which represents infinity and clearance! Thus, Santorini is famous for its long beaches, which have unique colors because of their volcanic sand!

Choosing to have your wedding at the beach, gives you also the chance to create a simple yet impressive decoration as the setting will really boost the final aesthetic outcome! Furthermore, after getting married on an altar with the waves and the Cycladic wind praising your union, you can have a great beach party with your friends and family. Lastly, the beach is a great place for the bride to ditch the heels and have some beautiful and spontaneous photographs with her soulmate!

DW Events organize unique themed weddings incorporating your own personal touch, in order to make all your wishes for the biggest day of your life come true!