Santorini Wedding-Covid-19: Making your every wish come true!


There is no doubt that Covid-19 had a huge impact on organizing and conducting wedding events, in Santorini, but also all over the world. This is because of the health measures taken against the spread of the pandemic by the governments, but also because many couples felt that they wouldn’t be able to have the wedding of their dreams! This couldn’t be far from the truth as your Santorini wedding can be exactly how you want it to be and even more beautiful! You see, Covid-19 restrictions led to alternative approaches in wedding planning, that focused more on the true essence of a wedding, rather than following old-fashioned norms about how a wedding is supposed to be! After all, there is not a standard formula for a perfect wedding, as the ideal wedding for you, should be based on your individual dreams and longings!

Our team is dedicated to create personalized events for you and guide you through every detail of your wedding, whether it has to do with the legal or the aesthetic aspect of it! In this article, we are going to give you some pretty good pieces of advice about how you can organize your perfect Santorini wedding, compromising none of your dreams, because of Covid-19 pandemic!

Choose an outdoor wedding venue

Santorini is one of the most famous wedding destinations around the globe! Therefore, you will find a great selection of outdoor venues for your wedding  on the island. An outdoor venue will give you the chance to arrange the seating of your guests, taking into consideration the distance among them, in order to prevent crowding during your ceremony or reception! Furthermore, choosing an outdoor wedding venue will also give you the chance to have a stunning backdrop for your wedding photographs, as most of Santorini outdoor wedding venues have a great view on the azure Aegean sea and the imposing volcanic Caldera!

You can choose among lush, green wedding venues of big hosting capacity such as Gem, or choose a more traditional venue such as El Viento Villa, which has a stylish yet folklore character. Last but not least, you can choose to have your wedding on the beach! Santorini beaches will offer you a natural setting of unique beauty for your wedding and will add some care-free vibes to the aesthetics of it!

Covid-19 Pandemic made us reevaluate our priorities considering the organization and the execution of a wedding! But after all, is this a bad thing? Not at all! If a wedding with a long wedding list is not what you want, then there is absolutely no need to have one! Small-scale events can be equally fascinating! Thus, they are more easily manageable when it comes to health protection measures that you need to take!

If you want your wedding to be just for the two of you, you can choose to have a meaningful elopement ceremony in order to seal your union, in the most romantic way! The concept of an elopement, which involves the couple marrying away from their family and friends has its roots to the past, when young couples run away from their families to marry against their will! But nowadays elopements have increased in popularity, due to Covid-19 pandemic!

Moreover, you can choose to have a Santorini micro-wedding! Micro-weddings are the epitome of love and intimacy, as they involve a small number of guests, who are the people who matter to you the most! All in all, a micro wedding is a way to celebrate love in all its forms, as not only will it unite you with your soulmate, but you will also have around you, your beloved friends and family!

Plan a small scale wEDDING event

Optimize your budget according to your dreams

Having a smaller wedding list due to covid-19 regulations, can also give you the opportunity to invest your budget in aspects of your wedding that are essential for you! For example, you can choose to spoil your guests with personalized treatment. Moreover, you can spend more money on your wedding photography or on your wedding dress. Last but not least, you can spoil yourself by investing your wedding budget in a wedding decoration which will be the perfect embodiment of your aesthetic vision and will give you the chance to manifest your love in the most stylish and elegant way!

DW Events are dedicated to offer you wedding planning services of the highest quality! Of course your Santorini wedding during Covid-19 era, is no exception! On the contrary, these challenging times made us even more passionate about offering you the ultimate wedding experience and memories of happiness that will last forever!