Wedding photography styles: Capturing happiness in Santorini

Wedding photography is a beautiful art dedicated to capture some of the most emotional moments of your life! You may have seen a lot of different wedding photography styles that you find beautiful and fancy! But the big question that you need to ask yourself is how you want to remember your wedding day in Santorini for the years to come! Well, the one important thing that you should always take into consideration through every step of your wedding planning journey is that the stylistic approach you are going to follow, should not be bound by strict conventions. On the contrary,  your wedding photographs and videos should reflect your special love-bond with your soulmate. That, of course, does not mean that one should not draw inspiration from the existent wedding photography styles.
So, let’s see which are the best photography styles that you should be aware of, planning your wedding in Santorini!
As it was stated , wedding photography is a form of art aiming to capture your emotional moments during your wedding! This is accomplished by using photographic and editing techniques that will highlight your love story, using a specific narrative angle. In this post, we are going to get in the shoes of a photographer and unfold the key moments of a wedding photography session. Furthermore, we are going to dive into the most popular wedding photography styles, elaborating on the different aesthetic highlights, that they are going to add to your wedding photos!

Photography Key Momments

Wedding Photography is a declaration of happiness, meaning that the photographer must choose the key moments of your wedding experience in order to narrate your love story in the most meaningful way for you! Let’s see which are those milestones that are going to compose your ideal wedding album.


The word boudoir in French refers to the private dressing room of a woman! Boudoir photography is about celebrating the femininity of the bride through sensual photos in luxurious surroundings. Boudoir photos follow a very classy and elegant approach, as the nudity is usually implied and not explicit! A boudoir photography session is an intimate experience that will make you feel confident and empowered. Furthermore, boudoir photos are going to be amazing memoirs for both of you for the years to come, as they will immortalize the most radiant and seductive version of yourself.

  • Bride’s & groom’s preparation photos

Well, this is the time when some parallel action takes on! Both bride and groom are taking intimate photos as they are getting ready for their wedding. In this part, they are usually included detail photos of their accessories such as bridal shoes, groom’s watch and others.

  • Pre-ceremony photos

Those photos include pictures of the wedding venue, along with photos of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Of course, the most important moment of this part is the couple’s first look at each other.

  • Ceremony Photos

This is the main part of the wedding. So it is of crucial importance for the photographer to capture every emotional moment of the ceremony such as the bride walking down the aisle, her father giving her away to the groom, the exchanging of vows and rings and of course the married couple’s first kiss.

  • Post ceremony photos

Those photos include shots of the couple with their family and friends after the ceremony!

  • Couple’s photos

At this part, the newlyweds are getting photographed at their chosen location. Those shots are ideal to depict the happiness of the couple after their wedding.

  • Reception Photos

These photos include shots of the details of the table decor and photos of the couple and its guests parting. It also includes more traditional shots, such as the cutting of the cake and the couple’s first dance!

Now you know which are the key moments of your wedding that your photographer is eager to capture. It’s time to talk about wedding photography styles that you could draw inspiration from!

Classic Wedding Photography

Classic wedding photography is also known as traditional wedding photography! In this style, taking posed photos of the couple and its guests is set as a priority. In traditional photography, it is very common for the photographer to have prepared a list with the shots they plan to take. This list usually includes couple, family and group photos. In classic wedding photography, the photographer orchestrates the couple and its guest in order to achieve a classy and perfectly romantic result. That means that in most of the photographs, you and your guests will take instructions of the photographer for specific posing and positioning. Those photos are usually vibrant, bringing up cheerful emotions. This type of wedding photography is one of the most safe options, since it is classy and timeless. You’ll also have a clear idea of the stylistic approach of the photos you will get!

Wedding Photography Styles

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine art wedding photography has to do with refining the artistic perspective of the photographer, taking your wedding photos! A fine art wedding photographer aims not only to capture your most joyful moments, but also to enhance them aesthetically using technical aspects of the photography such as lighting, angle and focal length. Fine art photographs are artistic creations, incorporating the conceptual investment of the photographer in order to achieve an elegant and sophisticated outcome, that will also provide you with a meaningful narration of your wedding day!

Contemporary Wedding Photography

Contemporary wedding photography will offer you modern and stylish shots that will also have an artistic point of view. Contemporary wedding photography is greatly influenced by fashion photography, so it bears some creative editorial vibes. This type of photography uses all current trends, regarding posing and camera settings, but also regarding the editing of the photos! Contemporary photography style is usually used in portrait shots of the couple, as it is a great way for them to get outstanding wedding photos, with a breaking-through aesthetic approach!

Photojournalistic wedding photography

Photojournalistic wedding photography is also known as documentary wedding photography. It is an unposed and authentic visual narration of your wedding day. The aim of the photographer, in this case, is to have the minimum interaction with the couple and the attendants of the wedding, in order to capture those raw moments of pure emotion, exactly the way they happened. This style of photography demands a great amount of skill by the photographer as they need to be both fast, creative and observative regarding the action taking place around them.

DW Events provide you with the most high-quality wedding planning services on the island of Santorini. We believe that wedding photography is an essential part of a perfect wedding, as your wedding photos will immortalize the most beautiful moments of your life forever! Picking the right photography style of your wedding is not about sticking in to a strict stylistic approach! Photography styles are meant to inspire both you and your wedding photographer in order to use all the right elements to narrate your personal love tale the way you want to!