Santorini Wedding Timeline: The chronicle of a love event!

Santorini Wedding Timeline-DW Events

According to a common saying “It is all about the right timing!” Well, this is not far from the truth, especially when it comes to your Santorini wedding timeline. You see, the perfect coordination of the individual parts of your wedding is one of the most essential aspects of your big day. In this post, we are going to describe the succession of the individual parts of your wedding day schedule, in order to help you get a better understanding of how your perfect wedding day should be coordinated and executed, to achieve perfection!To begin with, you need to know that although there are specific time orientations about the individual parts of your wedding day, you can modify the duration of each one of them according to your individual needs. For example, the duration of a ceremony depends heavily on your wedding style and context!

Wedding Preparations "Time to Get Ready"


The “getting ready party” is one of the most emotional and entertaining aspects of your wedding. It is the part when you get to be with your family and your best friends in order to prepare yourself for the most important day of your life. This part includes music, drinks, dressing up and beautification!

The center of the attention during preparation time is the bride to be, as she is getting ready for the most important day of her life! Your selected wedding photographer will of course be there, to capture every moment of the bridal preparation through emotional portraits of the bride and group photos. Last but not least, wedding accessories, such as shoes and jewelry will be also photographed, providing you with beautiful photographic highlights!

At the same time a parallel “getting ready party” takes place at the location, where the groom is getting ready along with his family and friends. Usually, the preparation time of the groom is shorter. As a result, the groom’s “getting ready party” starts a little later than the bridal one!


The time has come for the transportation of your guests to your arranged wedding venue. Your wedding planner has taken care of the hassle free transportation of your guests. As soon as they arrive, they are escorted to their seats, according to your seating plan!The first one to arrive is traditionally the groom! Then, there is the much expected arrival of the bride. When the bride walks along the aisle to meet the love of her life at the wedding altar, she is traditionally escorted by her father or another person with a great significance in her life. The giving away of the bride follows the welcome speech of the celebrant, which signifies the beginning of the ceremony.

Now it’s the time to experience some of the most important moments of your life! You and your other half exchange your vows and rings, sealing your union in the presence of your loved ones! Finally, the knot is tied, you are officially pronounced a couple and you can walk the aisle holding hands! After the ceremony your guests congratulate you and give you the warmest and heartfelt wishes for your common life. The next step is taking your first photos as a married couple at your wedding venue and also group photos with family and friends. 

After you leave the venue, it is time for your couple photos during the magic hour of the mesmerizing Santorini sunset, on the locations you have chosen with the guidance of your wedding planner!

Wedding "Every Part of the ceremony"

Reception "Let's celebrate Love"

During your couple photoshoot, you can offer your wedding guests some wonderful time via the custom cocktail hour! During cocktail hour, your guests will be offered the drinks of their choice at your selected venue and will have the chance to party in the rhythms of live music played by a band of your choice or enjoy the music mixes of a dj! Furthermore, as the island of Santorini is a famous wine destination, you can also offer them an exquisite wine tasting experience, including some of the most famous Santorini wines!

We have finally reached maybe the most festive part of your wedding, which is no other than your wedding reception! After you have changed into more comfortable clothes and all the guests have taken their seats in the reception venue, it is time for the family and the best friends to make a toast to the couple and read the speeches they have prepared for this special occasion! The following part of your reception is serving your guests the dishes, included in your pre-arranged wedding menu! The end of the course signifies the traditional cutting of the wedding cake, which is one of the most important highlights of the reception!

The party starts with the newlyweds taking on the dancefloor for their first dance, as a married couple. Once again, you can have a band performing live your favorite songs, or romantic music including the beautiful sound of saxophone. Then it’s time for the guests to also engage the party and celebrate your love, dancing to your favorite music played until the end of the event!

In a nutshell, in this article we analyzed some of the key points of a Santorini Wedding timeline in order to help you get a better understanding of how your wedding will be organized and executed! DW Events are dedicated to offer you the ideal wedding timeline for your big day, harmonized with your dreams of a perfectly coordinated and personalized wedding event!