Santorini White and Green Themed Wedding: When romance meets luxury

green and white SantoriniWedding-DW Events

Are you opting for the perfect inspiration in order to organize a stylish classic wedding on the island of Santorini? Then, this beautifully organized green and white Santorini wedding will provide you with plenty of amazing ideas about the aesthetics of your own wedding, of course without sacrificing any of its originality.

DW Events is a creative destination event planning company based in Santorini, Greece, specializing in wedding design and event management. Our philosophy is to make every moment unique, embodying your vision of a perfect wedding and expressing your emotions of love and devotion through every stylistic aspect of it! Guided from your personal aesthetics and using our experience and expertise, we are dedicated to create one of a kind events, merging luxurious and elegant vibes in perfect harmony, to make your every wish come true! The purpose of this post is to guide you through every step of our stylistic approach from conception to execution, in order to create this outstanding and elegant green and white wedding setting that is highlighted perfectly by the azure Aegean Sea and the clear blue sky of Santorini!

Color Palette

Our selected color scheme includes white, lush green and gold highlights! Our aim was to combine vibrant nature vibes, with purity, luxury and elegance. This amazing palette is a well trusted combination when it comes to rustic wedding venues, such as a windmill in this case, as it compliments their aesthetic while adding to it some glamorous vibes! It also fits perfectly with the beautiful flourished nature of Santorini!


The location on which this stylish wedding photoshoot took place is no other than the luxurious and enchanting El Viento Villa. El Viento Villa is an architectural gem located in one of the most picturesque settlements of Santorini, Megalochori and offers spectacular views of the impressive caldera and the Aegean Sea. El Viento is the oldest windmill in Santorini, offering a unique combination of rustic and luxurious influences! This amazingly beautiful stone-built windmill is the perfect venue for intimate and romantic events, such as elopements, as it offers serenity and privacy! The reason why it was the ideal venue to house our photoshoot was that it has these timeless, old-fashioned romance vibes that we were opting for this arrangement!

Style and Decor

For this theme we put together many stylistic elements and we paid extreme attention even to the smallest details, in order to accomplish one of our most cherished wedding creations. There is no doubt that one of the elements that first got your attention, is the impressive ceremony arch decorated with lush greenery and white seasonal roses, making the perfect romantic backdrop to exchange your wedding vows.  However, the luxurious and romantic essence of this wonderful arrangement, really takes off with the two breathtaking floral arches and the elegant crystal chandeliers hanging above the sweetheart table, creating the most pristine and romantic framing for a stunning photographic outcome. Last but not least, the wooden table along with the classic chairs, highlight perfectly this romantic setting!

Bride and Groom

For our gorgeous bride we created a natural look with soft makeup, carefree hair and discreet jewelry, putting emphasis on her mermaid-style backless wedding dress, covered with lace! As for her shoes, what would be more elegant and classic than satin jeweled white stilettos. The groom is actually the epitome of elegance and simplicity in his amazing black tux and bowtie, with no-socks plus loafers, keeping his style comfortable and summerish, yet really classy!

Cherished Details

DW Events does not only plan your wedding but shares your passion for creating the most beautiful and unique experiences for your big day! For that purpose, we orchestrate every detail to perfectly fit but also enhance the aesthetics of your wedding!  Starting from the timeless design of the wedding ring to the Serif font of the Wedding invitation and the bronze-gold cutleries of the tables’ mise en plus, we paid special attention to each and every detail in order to elevate this amazing wedding themed arrangement to perfection!

After reading this post we hope that you got some pretty useful insights and that you draw some inspiration for the stylistic approach of your own big day! If you want to get the perfect bespoke themed wedding in Santorini, contact DW Events and rest assured that we will make your every dream come to life!