The symbolism of a vow renewal in Santorini!

Santorini is undeniably one of the most beautiful and romantic destinations in the world, when it comes to weddings! Many believe that Santorini is a paradise on earth, that offers couples the most unique and heartfelt way to tie the knot! However, a vow renewal in Santorini is also a one-of-a-kind experience, dedicated to celebrate and enhance the feelings of love and commitment, for those who have been already married! In this article, we are going to discuss why Santorini is the perfect destination for your wedding renewal and how it is going to highlight this intimate event with the most beautiful notes of pure romance!

What is a vow renewal?

First things first, before starting analyzing all the things that make Santorini a perfect destination for a symbolic event such as a vow renewal, we need to explain what exactly is a vow renewal! A vow renewal is a heartfelt symbolic ceremony for a married couple in order to reaffirm the romantic love and the devotion between the two. During a vow renewal the couple exchanges vows of commitment, celebrating all the things that brought them together once again, but also all their common loving memories as a couple. The ceremony might be an event including just the two of them but also all their family and friends. The vow renewals are very popular for milestone anniversaries (10, 25, or 50 years). However, as we all know true love does not succumb to rules. So, if you feel like it, you can have your vows renewed whenever you want!

Why is a vow renewal important for your marriage?

As the time passes we tend to take even the most important things in our life for granted! A vow renewal is the best way to express once again your feelings of love and rejuvenate your emotional bond! Moreover, it is possible that your wedding ceremony was not exactly what you want it and that a vow renewal is your chance to make your dream ceremony come true! Furthermore, a vow renewal is not only a way to celebrate your love but also all the rough patches that made you stronger through the years!  Last but not least, such a ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to have your children with you, as you seal once again your love!

The reason why Santorini stands out among the most famous vow renewal destinations, is because of the unique beauties and the amenities it offers. In Santorini you will find beautiful white washed houses and blue domed churches, examples of the traditional Cycladic architecture! Furthermore, in Santorini you will have the chance to admire cinematic views of the volcanic caldera of the island, which bears a majestic beauty especially during the sunset hours, when the sunlight caresses its cliffs, before setting in the azure Aegean Sea.

All this have made Santorini the epitome of romance for couples who want to have the perfect backdrop for their dream event! Thus, it also has a great range of beautiful wedding venues that can meet every need and taste! Last but not least, following your vow renewal in Santorini you can enjoy also your vacation in one of the most cosmopolitan summer destinations in the world!

Santorini as a vow renewal destination!

How to plan your vow renewal in Santorini?

As it was stated before, vows are renewed through a symbolic ceremony! This means that there are no bureaucratic protocols to follow in order to organize your vow renewal in Santorini, offering you and your wedding planner total freedom and flexibility. It is very important to start by discussing with them the aesthetic approach that you aim for your vow renewal! This will guide your wedding planner in order to find your ideal venue and decoration for the event. It is really important to hire an experienced wedding planner in Santorini, as they will be able to orchestrate your wedding renewal in the most efficient and elegant way possible!

To plan the vow renewal of your dreams, contact DW Events, a wedding planning agency located in Santorini dedicated to offer you high-quality services to embody the tailor-made event of your dreams!