Chances are, once you have put on the engagement ring, you will start learning terms of the wedding industry, that they were prior unknown to you. One of those terms is wedding design. Wedding design is actually one of the most vital aspects of a wedding event as it is the expedient to transform the purest feelings of love and devotion to an aesthetic harmony that will perfectly embrace the most important day of your life. In other words, wedding design describes the assemblage of all the stylistic elements of a wedding, from the wedding altar decoration to the entire transformation of the venue. Furthermore, wedding design describes the coordination of all of them in order to create a harmonic outcome that will be perfectly aligned with your wildest dreams and your deepest desires! In this article, we are going to describe you what exactly is wedding design and how it works. Furthermore, you will have the chance to admire some of our most cherished wedding designs!


A wedding planner is charged with the logistics of a wedding. To be more specific, they create and manage timelines, recommend wedding vendor options, and work as mediators between the couple to be wed and the vendors. Their role is to coordinate every technical aspect of the wedding legalities etc. Furthermore, they are the ones to solve any problem that may arise! On the other hand, a wedding designer is responsible for the overall aesthetic approach of a wedding. Wedding designers orchestrate the whole stylistic synthesis of a wedding paying extreme attention to every detail.

They are the ones who inspire and execute the wedding design including decor concept. In other words, a wedding designer is the art director of the wedding event! DW Events is an experienced wedding planning and design team in Santorini, dedicated to execute perfectly both the technical and the stylistic aspect of a wedding! Those are some of our most beloved wedding designs which incorporate sophisticated aesthetics and pure inspiration drawn from our need to make your wedding day an experience that you will cherish for a life-time!


For this amazing stylish event, we created a beautiful mix of two stylistic approaches, modern, and classic! Modern weddings are smooth and refined with elegant aesthetics, a soft color palette yet bold details. Moreover, in modern weddings the vendor tends to play a major role in the wedding design! Classic wedding aesthetics put aside the latest wedding trends and favor stylistic elements that are timeless and interwoven with the pure essence of a wedding! Some of those elements are crystal elements, white florals and lace!

In this event, the wedding design is heavily influenced by the aesthetics of El Viento Villa, with its stone-built architecture, setting up the backdrop of a modern fairytale! The elegant tuxedo of the groom and the laced, mermaid dress of the bride are the epitome of romance and classic aesthetics. The color palette of the setting is based on green and white emphasizing the purity of love. Last but not least, the crystal chandeliers and the full of white roses wedding arches, truly steal the show!


Luxury has to do not only with the cost of your wedding day! Luxury is the essence of glam and style that includes every aesthetic aspect of your wedding from luxury decor to flowers, cakes and invitations. Santorini is the perfect canvas for designing a luxurious wedding because of its cosmopolitan aura and its impressive landscapes. In this editorial shoot on the magnificent Venetsanos Winery, we have created the perfect luxurious setting in order to inspire you for your own glamourous event!

The elements that stand out from this amazing photoshoot are the impressive chandeliers, perfectly aligned with the rustic wooden wedding table, which has been decorated with roses fitting the pastel dinnerware. Another thing that will definitely draw your attention in this editorial, is the boudoir photography segment! Boudoir photography is an intimate way for the couple to remember this fundamental moment of their joined life!



This luxurious celebration took place in one of the most beautiful and enchanting venues in Santorini, which is no other than Gem Villa and holds a very special place in our hearts, because of its classic and minimalistic architecture.

The colorful pampas grass and the minimalistic white gazebo chairs, create a dream setting for an atmospheric wedding day. The festive vibes of this wedding are even more enhanced by the impressive, mirrored Gazebo adorned with lash flower arrangements and modern furniture! For last, we kept the impressive wedding altar with the glass polls that add a futuristic and sleek essence to this ethereal wedding design!


What is a vow renewal other than a celebration of love! Creating this bold and colorful wedding design, we did exactly that! We celebrated and honored the love of this amazing couple that traveled from Puerto Rico to Santorini to renew their wedding vows!

The stunning florals in the shades of bold pink, highlighted by the impressive magentas, are a statement of the everlasting nature of true love and passion! The design is complemented even more by the golden candle sticks and the impressive vintage flower stands of the altar. Last but not least, those elegant chandeliers light the scene in the most romantic way!


Caught up in a dream of happiness! This was our first thought when we saw this outstanding wedding design completed! Rahaf and Brian originally planned their wedding to take place in Lebanon, but after it was postponed due to covid-19, they decided to exchange their vows in the majestic Santorini and the outcome was more than compensating!

Love is to be shared, and that was exactly the aim of this stunning table decoration! The design is aligned with the fairytale chandeliers which light up the scene along with golden flames of the candles! Their merged light reflects on the glass table and the flutes which are in perfect harmony with the rest of the tableware! The aesthetic harmony of this emotional event was completed by the white florals highlighting the beauty of romance!

Reading this article, we hoped that you got inspired from our most cherished wedding creations! DW Events is a dedicated wedding planner and designer located in Santorini! For us, every wedding design is a new way to narrate love through aesthetics! Contact us, if you want us to tell your own love story, creating an impeccable and tailor-made wedding design!