Why a wedding planner is essential for your wedding in Santorini!


Why you should have a wedding planner

How he/she will organize every aspect of your wedding day!!

Nowadays, more and more people feel the stress of the everyday routine to overwhelm them. In order to find some peace of mind while planning your wedding day, an event planner is of great importance. Try to think planning your special day while you have so much work to do. Even without any work, planning your own wedding will be stressful. Allowing someone to help you lift this burden for you is essential and crucial if you want to enjoy your special moments in tranquillity and joy. Think your wedding planner as your expert best friend. He/she would be on your side planning and worrying about every single detail in order everything to be perfect in your Santorini wedding. What exactly does a wedding planner do, though?

A wedding planner would provide you with all the useful information that you may need in order to complete your wedding in Greece. Every aspect of your wedding day will be monitored and overseen by a team of specialists, always ready to step in, if something does not run smoothly or as agreed. Event planning includes a full-service package of planning and coordinating your wedding day. The first step is for you to choose the right wedding planner that will accompany and guide you until your wedding in Santorini is completed. Our company can provide you with a personalized package for enjoying your special moments to the fullest. We undertake every step of the wedding planning procedure guaranteeing a high-quality and luxurious result including any technicalities that may arise.

How a wedding planner works

First of all, the first contact has to be made. When we meet, we will discuss all the details and the ideas that you may have in mind regarding your wedding day. After that we find together a theme for your wedding and we choose the venue, where the ceremony will take place. Because we are always eager to satisfy our clients, our network of vendors is continuously expanding on the island of Santorini. Making a reservation of the right venue for you is the key point for all the wedding planning procedure; that is why we try to find the best solution for you. Accommodation is the second key point, as the couple has to feel “like home” especially on their wedding day. Knowing that you may want to make your moments count, we are here for you planning any pre- and post-wedding activities; visiting Caldera, wine tasting in fine restaurants, one-day-trips with boat to Mykonos, private parties with few friends, are some of your options. Our main concern is for you to enjoy not only your wedding day but your whole Santorini-experience by booking any desired activity, in which you may want to participate. Transportation from/to airport and during your stay on the island can be arranged, as we can rent for you luxurious cars or book chauffeur services upon your request.

What a wedding planner can offer

As we have already mentioned, a wedding planner can provide you with useful guidance while planning your special event. Our guidance is constant via phone, emails, or Skype. We are always at your disposal whether you want to ask something or to change your mind about a decision that you have already made. We are always here for you trying to make your day as unique as possible. Our full-service package for civil wedding on the island of Santorini includes the following steps.

our package

Constant communication

we arrange a first pre-wedding meeting in order to get to know each other and discuss in general before our main quote has been sent to you. The main decisions are taken in that meeting, based on which we form a quote for our services. We are always at your disposal answering your queries and trying to be there for you. After everything is decided, we provide you with a wedding day schedule.

useful information about paperwork/legal technicalities

we provide you with step-by-step guidance regarding all the details of the wedding procedure. We are always well-informed and updated for the paperwork that may be needed by the Greek authorities. So, be relaxed as we will handle all the legal technicalities. Celebrant’s booking and town hall fees are also included to our tasks.

Translation/authorization of documents

Having in mind always your needs, we are able to provide you with the official translation of 4 documents (your standard documents), including apostille stamps from English into Greek. Two marriage certificates of yours are also officially translated from Greek into English (apostille stamps are included).

Wedding theme

We consult you about the new trends in wedding planning and let you know what options are available depending on the season, when your wedding ceremony will take place. Santorini is an exceptional wedding destination and there are always numerous choices.


Due to our expanded network, we can provide you with a luxurious experience on the beautiful island of Santorini. We can recommend you our vendors for finding the right venue, accommodation, and way of transportation. If you are too busy to select the vendors for the venue or accommodation, we can provide you with further assistance by undertaking this task. We can choose and manage for you your dream team of specialists for your wedding day. Confirming the details agreed with the vendor prior the wedding day is also our responsibility.

Budget overview

As true professionals, we will keep you posted about the budget before the wedding planning procedure will even start. When you finalize your decisions regarding the theme and venue/accommodation, we will be ready to give a detailed quote. After the confirmation of our quote, you will be informed about the status of vendors’ payments and any other information that may be needed by your side. There is a monthly planning checklist review, in which you can monitor the final payments to the chosen vendors.
Wedding supervision

On your wedding day, all the suppliers will be ready to provide you with the agreed services and they will be supervised by our wedding planning team. We are perfectionists and we are ready to double-check everything in order to be sure that the result would be exceptional and of high quality.

Contact DW Events and let a team of skilled wedding planners help you live an unforgettable wedding experience on the island of Santorini!