How to get the perfect Santorini Wedding Video!


As every aspect of your big day, your Santorini wedding video should be an embodiment of your dreams and expectations! First of all, that means that it should match your aesthetics, meaning that you should be on board with the artistic choices made such as music! Secondly a wedding video should narrate your love story in the most unique and exciting way, highlighting all those moments of pure emotion from a perspective that it should be both elegant and artistic. For this purpose, your wedding videographer should incorporate different shooting, but also editing techniques to achieve exactly the outcome that you are opting for!

Wedding Video in Santorini!

When it comes to your wedding video in Santorini, the beautiful natural surroundings of the island, should definitely be incorporated both as a stylistic and as narrative element! The endless blue of the Aegean Sea, along with the picturesque whitewashed buildings, adorning the imposing volcanic Caldera, would make the perfect background for a wedding video with a dramatic flair. Furthermore, the infinity of the blue Aegean Sea, could be used as a symbolism of the infinite nature of your love!

Another thing that you should bear in mind is the style of your wedding video! Much like your wedding photography style, the video style that you will choose is going to help you have an idea about how your wedding video is going to look! In order to help you get inspired about how you would like your wedding video in Santorini to be, we will give you some pretty useful videography Insights about the most popular wedding video styles!

Primary Wedding video styles

Those are the two main stylistic approaches are about the structure but also the aesthetic approach of your wedding video! However, you should keep in mind that wedding videography styles are not bidding! In fact, most wedding videographers may use both of them, having one as a primary influence!

Cinematic Style

The Cinematic wedding video is filmed and edited pretty much as a movie! This style of wedding video aims to emphasize the emotional aspect of your big day. For that purpose, cinematic wedding videos may rely heavily on the music background, but also on special effects such as slow motion!

Another thing that is typical on cinematic wedding videos is the highly-contrasted look of them! This is usually created during color correction, which is a part of the editing process! Moreover, videographers who shoot in the Cinematic style may have a high level of interaction with the couple and the wedding guests, directing them, in order to get all the needed shots to create a complete visual narration!

The Journalistic style of Wedding videography is also known as documentary or reportage style. In this type of wedding videography, the events of your wedding are captured as they happened! The editing style of a journalistic wedding video is usually linear, starting with the wedding preparations and ending with the wedding reception! In order to achieve the documentary vibe, the videographer usually has the minimum interaction with the couple and the wedding guests! Not guiding the wedding attendants, they can capture the actions taking place in the most authentic way!

Furthermore, another element used frequently in this style involves interviews of the couple and even its wedding guests. Sometimes, bites of the interviews are used in order to help the storytelling have a better flow. Last but not least, the tones of journalistic wedding videos are quite natural, as there is no excessive color correction.

Journalistic Style

Highlight Wedding Videos


As the average span of attention has become significantly smaller in recent years, the creation of a smaller video, containing the highlights of your big day is absolutely necessary! The average duration of a wedding highlight reel lasts a few minutes! This is a time when the most emotional moments of your wedding are put together in the rhythms of a perfectly fitting music, using professional editing techniques, in order to capture the essence of your wedding. In other words, a highlight wedding video is an exciting trailer to your primary wedding video, showing the best moments of it!

In this article, we believe that we gave you some pretty useful pieces of information along with a great source of inspiration for your wedding video in Santorini! Once again. remember that your wedding video should be authentic and personalized, in order to immortalize your big day for the years to come, the way you want to!

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